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"Utilising the best of fundamental neuroscience and measurement technologies we have collaborated and worked with Tantallon on initiatives for improving the welfare and productivity potential of ruminants. This has allowed for us for the first time to objectively quantify how changes in production practices can bring benefits to ruminant health, wellbeing and productivity"

Prof Mark Hutchinson
Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale 

"Tantallon brings great skilled operators with a love and enthusiasm towards livestock and the way in which they are handled, they are a great source of information, help and motivation to keep looking for improvements with a growth mindset."

Matthew O'Connor

“We got Tantallon in to tail our weaners, what we ended up getting was a team that not only educated, cared and Managed our weaning program but a professional relationship with an organisation with such passion and drive in what they do, that it changed the culture around our entire way of handling our animals in early life.
Lachlan and Holly both integrated themselves in our Ops program and taught there methods and the reasons why it works to our staff in a way that showed practical results instantly. They could have done themselves out of work as the time saved in the handling techniques taught allowed our staff to be a part of the Weaner education process and continue learning”

Rick Morrison
Manager, Eva Downs 

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